Regular Administrative Supervision Conducted over Six Print Media

Skopje, 31 October 2018 – The Agency conducted regular administrative supervision over the print media publishers ZAMAN DOOEL Skopje, publisher of the ZAMAN weekly and the Zaman Shqip magazine, and ARS LAMINA DOO Skopje, publisher of the “Mini Libi” and “Libi” Magazines in the Macedonian and Albanian languages, to check if the latter observe the obligations laid down in the Media Law, to publish Impressums, data about their headquarters, printing plant, date of  printing or reprinting and the circulation numbers.

The supervision showed that the above print media had met their legal obligations.

The relevant supervision report is available at the link given below:

General Report – (Article 14, Paragraph 1, of the Law on Media) – 31.10.2018