Opinion of the Directorate for Personal Data Protection Regarding a Complaint against the “Studio Moda” Show with Sergej Varoshlija

Skopje, 24 January 2018 – The Directorate for Personal Data Protection sent a letter to the Agency for Audio and Audiovisual Media Services notifying it that, in the case the Agency initiated concerning the “Studio Moda” Show aired by 1 TV, a violation of the right to personal data protection had been committed.

The Directorate states in its letter that 1 TV has been warned to respect the regulations concerning personal data protection, when it comes to using personal data in the show, and using photographs obtained from the social networks in particular, as their processing without the consent of the holder of the said personal data constitutes an unjust and illegal personal data processing.

The Directorate’s opinion on the personal data protection is available at this link

The report on the ad hoc supervision conducted over 1 TV is available at this link