Ad Hoc Supervision Ex Officio over Sonce TV


Skopje, 21 February 2019 – In the course of an ad hoc programme supervision over the Sonce TV, the Agency found that the principles of performing the business activity, i.e. the principle for protecting a person’s dignity, had not been observed in the show titled “Jadi Burek”.

Namely, the host of the “Jadi Burek” show, aired on 13 February 2019, used insulting words and raised his voice in his communication with some of the viewers, preventing them from replying, i.e. addressed them in a way that is inappropriate for communication via a medium.

The supervision report is available at the following link: TV Sonce (Article 61, Paragraph 1, Indent 1 of the LAAVMS) – 20.02.2019