Notification to MRT1 Due to Disregard for the Electoral Code


Skopje, 5 March 2019 – The Agency notified the Public Broadcasting Service that it has to make sure that all those who are engaged to prepare its programmes must respect the provision of the Electoral Code prescribing that they must not simultaneously take part in pre-electoral activities of political entities.This notification was sent after it had been established, using footage published on the social networks, that the MRT1 journalist Gordana Gjorcheva was the moderator of the 18th Conference of VMRO/DPMNE Women’s Union, which was held this past Sunday, 3 March 2019. The monitoring of the media coverage of the pre-election period found that she did not appear in the items covering this event, aired by the broadcasters the programmes of which are currently subject to monitoring.

The Agency reminds all broadcasters that the editors, journalists, programme hosts and presenters, engaged to prepare their programmes, must observe this prohibition, which applies from the announcement of the elections until the elections are over.

The Notification addressed to MRT1 is available on the Agency’s website under the banner ELECTIONS 2019.