MoI Sends Reply to the AAAVMS


Skopje, 23.07.2019 – The Agency for Audio and Audiovisual Media Services informs the public that the Ministry of Interior has sent a reply to the Agency’s request for information on whether the person Bojan Jovanovski had used the close protection services of this Ministry in his capacity as owner of 1 TV.

In its reply, the MoI stated that it had not taken up any measures or activities towards providing protection for the above mentioned person, and that, consequently, no police officers had been engages for his personal protection.

The Agency has carried on the procedure for establishing the factual situation regarding the alleged illicit co-ownership of the TV station on the part of the above-mentioned person, due to which it has also addressed the Primary Public Prosecutor’s Office in charge of prosecuting organized crime and corruption. Information will be sought from other institutions as well.

For the purpose of protecting the public interest and shedding light on the case from a regulatory point of view, we expect our cooperation with the relevant institutions to be maintained at a high level.