Skopje, 22 July 2019 – The Agency for Audio and Audiovisual Media Services calls on the Interior Ministry (MoI) not to label inter-institutional cooperation and transparency towards the public as spread of misinformation.

The Agency addressed the MoI to verify the information that the person Bojan Jovanovski had been assigned close protection as an owner of 1 TV. As is known to the public, the regulatory authority has initiated a procedure to establish if the legal provision banning illicit co-ownership has been violated. In order to determine the actual state of affairs the Agency has addressed certain relevant state authorities that may have information of relevance to this procedure.

The statement made by Agency Director Zoran Trajchevski in the “Kod” (Code) show, in which he clearly states that the MoI’s reply is being awaited in order to establish the truthfulness of the information received, is in line with this same context.

The most efficient way to fight misinformation and fake news is the verification of facts. This is precisely why, until it closes the procedure, the Agency will continue to seek information from the competent institutions. As far as the information sought from the MoI is concerned, we hope that it will be submitted at the same speed with which yesterday’s refutation was prepared.