Session No.20 – 04.04.2018


The Agency for Audio and Audiovisual Media Services schedules the 20th Session on 04.04.2018 (Wednesday), starting at 14:30 hrs.


  1. Adoption of the Draft Minutes of the 19th session of the Agency Council, held on 29.03.2018
  2. Information concerning the call submitted by a bankruptcy trustee to make down payment for conducting bankruptcy proceedings against a debtor, the bankrupt SKAJ NET – Manchev DOO
  3. Skopje Broadcasting Company, along with a Draft-Proposal.
  4. Draft decision to reject an interested party’s written request to adopt a decision to announce a public competition on granting a radio-broadcasting license at the state level.
  5. Draft decision to publish a public job vacancy ad and to conduct an fixed-term employment procedure.
  6. Draft decision concerning the change of TRD Klub FM’s ownership structure.
  7. Miscellaneous