Complaints/inquiries submitted to the Agency, and Agency’s replies – 2018

Complaint concerning an aired TV show – 14.09.2018

Complaint concerning an aired TV show – 24.08.2018

Complaint against a slander committed by an Internet Portal – 06.09.2018

Complaint about Airing Ads as Part of a Programming Service – 06.08.2018

Complaint about Hate Speech Aired as Part of a Programming Service – 18.07.2018

Agency’s Complaint against ALFA TV to the Commission for Protection against Discrimination 13.03.2018

Complaint against Airing an Ad in Bulgarian as Part of a Television Programme – 27.06.2018

Complaint against Hate Speech Aired as Part of a Television Programming Service – 31.05.2018

Complaint regarding Retransmission of Satellite Channels – 27.04.2018

Complaint concerning Internet Crime Described in a TV Show – 26.04.2018

Complaint due to Suspected Violation against Author’s and Related Rights on the Part of Legal Entities – 29.03.2018

Complaint against a TV Coverage of a Juvenile Violence – 18.04.2018 

Complaint regarding a Call for Humanitarian Aid To a Single Parent – 18.04.2018

Complaint against Unmarked Categorization of a TV Programme – 17.04.2018

Complaint against Violence Shown on TV – 17.04.2018

Complaint against Retransmitting a Signal on the Part of a Cable Operator – 28.03.2018

Complaint regarding Broadcast of Satellite Channels – 29.03.2018

Complaint Submitted regarding an Aired Radio Programme

Complaint regarding Information Published in the Media – 05.03.2018

Complaint against Sport Klub 2 – 27.02.2018

Complaint regarding an Inquiry about the Possibility to Open an Internet Radio – 14.02.2018

Complaint against Disregard for the Principles of the Journalists’ Code of Conduct – 02.01.2018