Session no. 38 held on 13.09.2012

BC’s 38th session will be held on 13.09.2012 (Thursday), starting at 12:00 o’clock with the following:




1. Adoption of the Minutes from the 3rd Session, held on 10.02.2012, which had 7 continuations, held between 6 April 2012 until 16 August 2012.

2. Changing of BC’s Financial Plan for 2012

3. Changes and addenda to the Annual Procurement Plan for 2012
4. Information about the complaint from P. Nikolov in regard to the re-transmission of the TV services BOM and K-15 Music.
5. Draft-Opinion on the delivered Draft of the National Strategy for Development of the Culture for the period 2012-2017.
6. Proposal-Decisions for public procurement for the needs of BC.
7. Information about the procedure for selling of the duty vehicle Opel and about conducted procedure for selling of duty vehicle Lancia, according to the Law on Usage and Management of Belongings of State Institutions.
8. Proposal-Decision for publishing a vacant position “Receptionist” within BC’s Secretariat.
9. Other