Session no. 40 held on 24.09.2012

SKOPJE, 24.09.2012 – BC adopted the Information on the dynamics of payment of the broadcast license fee and confirmed that the satellite broadcaster TRD AB Kanal Ltd. Skopje hadn’t paid the broadcasting license fee. Afterwards BC decided to revoke AB Kanal’s license, based on AB Kanal’s letter, in which it informs BC that it had ceased airing programming. BC also requested from this broadcaster to pay its debt for the broadcasting license for the period 15.08.2012 to 24.09.2012.
In regard to the Request from TRD Kanal 77 for a written approval for aligning with article 11 from the Broadcasting Law, BC concluded that with the proposed changes the conditions from the law will not be met.


During the session BC reviewed the reports from the monitoring of the programming of the satellite broadcasters and imposed the following measures and notifications:


–    TRD 24 Vesti: no breaches have been noted. Due to the fact that within a longer period backwards no violations have been noted, BC publically praised its work;


–    TRD Alfa: 3 written warnings;


–    TRD Sitel 3: 2 written warnings;


–    TRD Kanal 5 Plus: 1 written warning;


–    TRD Nasha TV: 1 written warning;


–    TRD TV Sonce: 1 written warning and 1 notification.
Additional monitoring and on site visit will be conducted of the following broadcasters: TRD Eko-proekt Ltd. eksport –import Kriva Palanka, TRD Energy Radio Ltd. Uvoz-izvoz Struga, Novatel-plus Ltd. Prilep, Drushtvo za radiodifuzija DJ Slave Ltd Struga.


BC adopted the information on the initiated bankruptcy procedures and the procedures for reviewing the possibilities for initiation of bankruptcy procedures against broadcasters, public broadcasting enterprises and operators of public communication networks.


BC adopted the Analysis of the Employees’ Structure in the Broadcast Industry for 2011 with a recommendation next year’s Analysis to include more precise information about the honorary employed journalists and other employees.