Summary from the 1st session

SKOPJE, 01/12/2012 – on its first session, the Broadcasting Council adopted the Minutes from the 19th session of the Broadcasting Council of the Republic of Macedonia, held on the 28th November 2011 that had two sequels, held on the 1st December 2011, i.e. on the 2nd December 2011.

The Council adopted the Final report from the conducted revision on the project CEE Digi TV, financed by the accession funds of the European Union the IPA Transnational in the process for public procurement in a procedure with a demand for collecting offers without publishing an announcement. The Draft for public procurements of the Broadcasting Council of the Republic of Macedonia for 2012 was adopted, together with the accompanying documents to the Plan: Proposal – Procedure for public procurement, Proposal – Form for public procurement and Deployment of public procurements according to sectors.

The Broadcasting Council decided to issue an approval for a change in the ownership structure of the Broadcasting Entity Zupa TV from the village Mal Papradnik – Center Zupa, given the fact that with the change illicit media concentration will not be created, i.e. there are no formal and legal obstacles.

The Information on the fulfillment of the obligation for publishing the data according to article 20 from the Broadcasting Activity Law was as well adopted and the Council decided that because of failure to fulfill the obligation for publishing  the data on the working of the previous year, that arise from article 20 paragraphs 1 and 2 from the Broadcasting Activity Law, to pronounce the following measures: written warning to the Broadcasting Entity A2 TELEVISION LTD; temporary interdiction for advertising and teleshopping of one day to the Broadcasting Entity DJ Slave LTD Struga; temporary interdiction for advertising and teleshopping of three days to the Broadcasting Entity MEDI TV LTD from Bitola.

The Broadcasting Council adopted the Report related to the held working meeting with the representatives from DIGIT ALB from Albania.
On the session, the Draft- Decision for the termination of the validity of the Rulebook on professional improvement, additional education and specialization of the members of the Broadcasting Council was not adopted.