Summary of the 10th Session


Skopje, 12.03.2015 – The AgencyCouncil adopted a Guide on the Right to Short Reporting on Events based on Acquired Exclusive Broadcasting Rights, a Decision on Defining a List of Events of Major Importance for the Public in the Republic of Macedonia, a Rulebook on Sponsorship, a Rulebook on the Manner of Keeping Daily Records and the Quality of Recordings of the Broadcast Programme, and the Agency’s Safety Policy in the Sphere of Information and Communication Technology.

The Agency Council adopted the Information on the expert supervision conducted over a total of 136 broadcasters. The Information contains data about the fulfillment of technical, spatial and staffing requirements stated in the applications for replacing the broadcasting licenses with radio or television broadcasting licenses, i.e. the requests for obtaining a radio or television broadcasting license.

The Agency Council issued permission to conduct a public procurement procedure for obtaining car washing services for the Agency’s vehicles, and to adopt a decision on acquiring a new document archiving system.