Summary of the 15th Session

Skopje, 06.04.2015 – Based on a submitted request for granting a license without publishing a competition, and pursuant to Article 76, Para 7 of the Law on Audio and Audiovisual Media Services, the Council of the Agency adopted a Decision to grant a television broadcasting license for a programme service of a predominantly entertaining general format to be broadcast, at the state level, via a public electronic communications network that does not use a limited resource, to the Media World News DOOEL Skopje.

 Also adopted were a Draft Rulebook on Amending and Supplementing the Rulebook on Minimum Technical, Spatial, Financial and Staffing Requirements for Obtaining a Radio or Television Broadcasting License, a Rulebook on New Advertising Techniques, a Code of Conduct for the Members of the Council and the Employees of the Expert Services of the Agency for Audio and Audiovisual Media Services, a Rulebook on the Working Order and the Disciplinary and Material Responsibility of the Employees of the Agency’s Expert Services and a Draft List of Information of Public Character of the Agency.

The Agency Council adopted a decision to annul the Council’s Decision to issue an endorsement to the Director to sign an Annex to the Contract on building the “Panko Brashnarov Palace” administrative facility relating to the performance of unanticipated works during the construction of the facility, and issued a permission to the Director to sign a new Annex No.2, to the Contract.

The Agency Council issued an approval to the Director of the Agency to conduct the following public procurement procedures: maintenance of the hygiene in the Agency’s premises, acquisition of switches, (preventative) maintenance of the additional module of the existing application solution, “An Electronic Registry System for Public Electronic Communication Networks”.