Summary of the 28 th session

SKOPJE, 17.07.2012 – On today’s 28th session, BC confirmed that all broadcasters have paid the annual broadcast license fee, except of the commercial broadcaster Miss 2008 from the Village of Preglovo, Plasnica, thus BC started a procedure for revoking of its broadcast license.
BC reviewed the reports from the program monitoring of Radio Life, Radio Ravel, Radio Fortuna, Radio Club FM and Radio Folk and issued the following measures and notifications:

– Radio Life: 1 written warning and 2 notifications;
– Radio Ravel: 1 written warnings;
– Radio Fortuna: 3 written warnings and 1 notification;
– Radio Club FM: 3 written warnings and one notification;
– Radio Folk: 2 written warnings.

BC also adopted the following documents:

– Analysis of all issued measures, information and notifications against the broadcasters and most often breaches, made by the broadcasters for the period 1 January 2012 – 30 June 2012; and

– Semi-annual analysis of the courts’ misdemeanor proceedings, aimed on assessing the effectivness of the initiated misdemeanor procedures in front of the courts (for the period: until 30 June 2012);

These documents contain recommendations for improvement of the broadcasting legislation, so BC will share its findings with the Ministry for Information Society and Administration. These analyses are also available in the Service Centre of BC’s website under the link “publications”.
As regards the request from SIZ MK NET – Skopje (association of cable operators) for allowing retransmission of four channels, which belong to the Pink Media Group from Serbia (Pink Plus, Pink Extra, Pink Folk and Pink Music), BC decided to allow registration of these TV channels in the cable TV packages, only if the Pink Media Group fulfills the following preconditions:

1. Apologize for the insulting and humiliating behavior towards Republic of Macedonia and apologize for the usage of the “FYR Macedonia”, when referring to the Republic of Macedonia;
2. Pay all debts to BC, in height of 1.921.582 MKD Denars for the broadcasting license of Pink 15 Ltd. Skopje, which has been revoked; and
3. Pay the debts to the former employees of Pink 15 Ltd Skopje;

As soon as these conditions are met, the Serbian Pink Media Group will have to regulate the copyrights of the four channels jointly with the Macedonian cable operators, which will mean their legal re-transmission on the territory of Macedonia.

In order to improve the cooperation with the national educational institutions, BC decided to sign a Memorandum of Understanding with the Faculty for Electrical Science and Information technologies, Skopje (FEIT), part of the UKIM-University.