Summary of the 37 th session

SKOPJE, 04.09.2012 – On today’s 37th session, BC adopted the Information on fulfilling the obligations, determined with the Decision for annulling the Decision on revoking the broadcasting license of the Broadcasting Enterprise DJ-Slave Ltd. Struga and confirmed that this broadcaster had completely fulfilled its obligations, according to paragraph 2, points 1, 2, 3 and 4 from the Decision on revoking no. 07-306 from 21.08.2012.


The BC members reviewed the information about the data gathered regarding the ownership structure of TV Alfa Ltd. Skopje, TV Skopje, Ltd. Skopje and TV Iris from Shtip, which are holding companies with complex ownership structures, in order to be determined if these broadcasters comply with the provisions from article 11 from the Broadcasting Law. BC decided to continue its activities with an aim to wrap up and re-check all gathered data.


BC reviewed the information on the submission of reports about the aired European audio-visual works on MTV1 and TV Sonce and concluded that these two broadcasters have fulfilled the obligation for broadcasting European audio-visual works.


During the continuation of the 35th session from 4th September, BC concluded that broadcasters Nasha TV – Skopje and Radio Besa – Dolneni have fully paid the broadcast license fee. The following broadcasters haven’t paid the fee for their licenses:


–    TV Sitel 3 – Skopje
–    TV Sonce – Skopje
–    TV AB Kanal – Skopje
–    Radio MX – Ohrid and
–    Radio Pehchevo – Pehchevo.


That’s why BC initiated a procedure for revoking of the broadcasting licenses with a last warning to cover all debts they have towards BC within the legal 15-day deadline.