Summary of the 59th session

Skopje, 20.11.2013 – The Broadcasting Council (BC) at today’s session adopted the Information for TRD Radio Fokus DOOEL Tetovo, after initiated procedure for revocation of its broadcasting license. BC concluded to stop the initiated procedure for license revocation, since after initiated procedure and before the final decision of the Council, the broadcaster has made the required fee payment.

BC adopted the Information on Request for approval for changing the ownership structure of TRD SPORTSKO RADIO KANAL 4 DOOEL Skopje. Concerning that there are no legal obstacles, i.e. there is no illegal media concentration, the Council issued approval for changing the ownership structure of mentioned broadcaster. 

BC adopted Information on lack of valid agreements for retransmission of television program services from Discovery Networks platform(Discovery Channel, Animal Planet and TCL). Referring to information received from Discovery Communications Europe Ltd, the Council adopted conclusion to the operator of public communication network GIV DOO Gostivar to sent a written document, that it is not eligible for retransmission of program services Discovery Channel, Animal Planet and TCL, and to issue order for shutdown of mentioned program services. Hence, BC will issue a new Certificate of registration program package to GIV DOO Gostivar, which won’t contain programming services of Discovery Network.

BC adopted Information for non accomplishment of change in the ownership structure, which approval was requested by TRD RADIO AKTUEL Bitola DOOEL. 

BC adopted Information regarding request from TRD TV Cegrane Media, v.Cegrane, Gostivar, for retransmission of its program service in program package of cable operator AS SAT DOO – Gostivar and IPTV operator Macedonian Telecom AD – Skopje. The Council concluded to send letter to the cable operator AS SAT DOO – Gostivar and IPTV operator Macedonian Telecom AD Skopje, with recommendation to retransmit television program service of the regional broadcaster TRD TV Cegrane Media, v.Cegrane, Gostivar.