Ad Hoc Administrative Supervision Conducted Over Telekanal A1

Skopje, 14 March 2018 – The Agency conducted an ad hoc administrative supervision over Telekanal A1 from Strumica, concerning its observance of the obligations laid down in the Rulebook on Minimum Technical, Spatial, Financial and Staffing Conditions, required for obtaining a radio or television broadcasting license

Discrimination, Intolerance and Hate Speech in “Milenko Nedelkovski Show”

Skopje, 13 March 2018 – Based on the ad hoc supervision which the Agency conducted ex officio over the edition of “Milenko Nedelkovski Show” aired by Alfa TV on 27 February 2018, it was concluded that there were a number of statements and standpoints expressed in the above-stated edition that stirred and spread discrimination, intolerance and hate speech on the grounds of one’s ethnic belonging

Ad Hoc Pogramme Supervision Conducted Over KANAL 5 TV

Skopje, 8 March 2018 – The Agency conducted, ex officio, an ad hoc programme supervision over the show “Samo Vistina”  (Only the Truth), aired on 28 February 2018, by Kanal 5 TV, and detected that certain gender-related stereotypes and prejudices had been presented in this show, concerning, more precisely, women and their marital status

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