World Press Freedom Day Marked

Skopje, 3 May 2018 – In the light of today’s World Press Freedom Day, the Agency wishes to stress that only independent media, free from all kinds of pressure, may contribute to the development of democratic and prosperous societies

Press Release

Skopje, 02.05.2018 – The Agency for Audio and Audiovisual Media Services has ascertained the fact that, on 26 April 2018, most of the national television stations did not report on the protest against the name change, titled “Republic of Macedonia Erga Omnes”

Warning Measures Imposed against BUBA MARA Radio, HIT RADIO and RADIO KOCANI

Skopje, 27 April 2018 – Based on the findings of a regular administrative supervision over the programmes of Buba Mara Radio, Hit Radio and Radio Kocani FM, indicating disregard for the obligation to submit to the Agency, within the legally prescribed deadline, written reports on meeting the requirements set forth in the radio broadcasting licenses

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