May 03, 2012 Freedom of the media – a top priority of BC

Skopje, May 03, 2012 –  The Broadcasting Council (BC) congratulates the International Day of Media Freedom – celebrated today, to all the media, which aims to promote and raise the awareness of the importance of the freedom and independence of the media.

The Broadcasting Council, through the determination to solve major issues, related to the ownership structure by preventing the occurrences of illegal media concentration, by creating fair conditions on the media market, as well as due enforcement of the Law on Broadcasting, will continue to contribute to promotion of freedom of expression in the Republic of Macedonia.

Our goal is to create a sustainable and competitive media market, which will offer to the citizens quality and diverse media content. Only those media, which are financially self-sustainable, have the potential to resist political and economic pressures and thus to contribute to the promotion of democracy in society.

Protection of media pluralism, promotion of freedom of expression through the introduction of new media technologies and the creation of sustainable media market remain key strategic priorities of the Council.