May 09, 2012 NATO Delegation visits the Broadcasting Council


Skopje, May 09, 2012 – The condition of the media in the Republic of Macedonia, the role of the Broadcasting Council as a regulatory body for electronic media and the promotion of the freedom of expression were the topics that were the subject of the conversation on the meeting held with the NATO delegation led by M. Laurie Walker, authorized representative of the NATO services for the record on the Republic of Macedonia, and with the members of the Broadcasting Council.

The President of the BC, MA Zoran Trajchevski has presented the newest activities undertaken by the BC in the direction of preservation of the media pluralism: ‘’the most important question, and at the same time, one of the biggest ones is the consistent and complete implementation of the broadcasting activity law. We cannot speak about free media if we do not guarantee their complete independence, through proper regulation of the market and the implementation of the laws.’’

The NATO representative was also interested in the internal technical and professional capacities of the Broadcasting Council. By the members of the Council, it was explained that the professional capacities of the Professional Service are additionally reinforced, and project for the improvement of the technical capacities of the Broadcasting Council are now taking place.