July 06, 2012 BC gave Directions to the VMRO- National Party to use the Legal Right of Reply and Correction

Skopje, July 06, 2012 – The Broadcasting Council (BC) on a today’s session reviewed the letter from VMRO- National Party, that the television MTV, Kanal5 and Sitel didn’t published reply to this party, which was a reaction – as said in the letter- “letter of the founders of VMRO DPMNE”.

The members of the BC concluded that the regulator body must respect the self-reliance and  independency of the broadcasters and cannot press tthem to announce some information. But, in a case VMRO – National Party wants to fulfill its right on reply and correction regarding the letter announced on 1st of July 2012, it should address the three broadcasters – Sitel, Kanal5 and MRT and to ask for broadcasting on the reply based on the procedure stated in Chapter 12 from the Broadcasting Law – right of reply and correction.

The BC reminded the VMRO-NP that the request for announcing reply and correction is filled within 15 days from the day of announcing of the information on which the reply and correction refer to and some formal requests in a manner of nature, content length and data should be satisfied, and that the request will not contain nor one from the elements which could affect the broadcasters to not publish it, and in a case televisions do not broadcast the reply or the correction, VMRO National Party has the right to  initiate a procedure in front of competent court.

The BC decided to send a correspondence to the televisions Sitel, Kanal5 and MRT, in which will inform them for the complain by the VMRO-National party, taking into account their self-reliance and  independency in the process of creating of the programme, and reminded them on the need for respecting of the programme standards from the Broadcasting Law.