March 19, 2013 Press release for the exclusion of the programme services of Pink Media Group

In relation to the recent exclusion of the television programme services of the Pink Media Group from the programme package of the Total TV operator, we would like to inform the public of the following:

Pink Media Group submitted an apology to the Broadcasting Council for the “mistake that occurred during the statement issued on 11 May 2012, in which instead of Macedonia the title FYR Macedonia was placed “. In the same letter Pink Media Group emphasised that they see Macedonia as a friendly country and their intention was not to offend the citizens of Macedonia, and thereby they would like to apologise to all citizens.

The Broadcasting Council welcomes this gesture of Pink Media Group. However, for the programme services of this group to be re-included in the packages of public communications networks (Pink Music, Pink Extra, Pink Plus, Pink Folk and Pink Family) it is necessary that they meet other requirements which apply to all broadcasters in the territory of Macedonia. Namely, Pink Media Group has an unpaid debt to the Broadcasting Council for the broadcasting licence of “Pink 15”. Even though the broadcasting licence was revoked, Pink Media Group, as founder of “Pink 15” under the applicable regulations is obliged to pay this debt to the Council. The conditions apply equally to all stakeholders in the market and for the purpose of not awarding Pink Media Group a privileged position, the programme services of Pink Media Group shall remain excluded from the programme package of Total TV until the aforementioned financial obligations to the Council are paid.

Given that the Broadcasting Council as a regulatory body takes care of all aspects in the area of broadcasting, the Council once again reminds that Pink Media Group should also settle the debts in respect of payment of unpaid salaries to employees in “Pink 15”