Regular Programme Supervision Conducted over MRT1 and the Commercial Television Stations Broadcasting Programme at the State Level Terrestrially or Via Cable

Skopje, 04.10.2016 – In early September, before the ZAMP ban on broadcasting domestic music came into force, the Agency for Audio and Audiovisual Media Services conducted regular programme supervision over the programming services of the Public Broadcaster and the commercial television stations broadcasting programme at the state level terrestrially or via cable.

The object of supervision was their observance of Article 92, Paragraphs 4 and 6 of the Law on Audio and Audiovisual Media Services (meeting the weekly obligation to broadcast music) and the Rulebook concerting the obligations to broadcast originally produced programme, music, documentary and entertainment programme.

The reports on the supervision conducted are available at the links below:

Makedonska radiotelevizija – First Programming Service (MRT 1)


Kanal 5 TV

Sitel TV 

Telma TV

Alfa TV

Art Artan TV

Shenja TV

Nova TV

Kompani 21-M TV