Reports on Monitoring the Coverage of the Elections by MRT 1 and HDTV Kanal Plus

Skopje, 12 December 2016 – The monitoring of the coverage of the elections by the Makedonska Radiotelevizija – Skopje – Makedonska Televizija – First Programming Service (MRT 1) and HDTV Kanal Plus DOOEL Skopje, during the electoral silence, found noncompliance with Article 76-b, Paragraph 3, of the Electoral Code, on the part of these broadcasters, as they both aired a statement of an office holder within a government body during the election silence.

The reports on the monitoring conducted are available at the links given below:

Makedonska Radiotelevizija Skopje – Makedonska televizija – First Programming Service MRT 1 

HDTV Kanal Plus DOOEL Skopje