Reports on Monitoring the Coverage of Elections by 22 Programming Services in the Period 1-9 December 2016

Skopje, 16 December 2016 – The Agency for Audio and Audiovisual Media Services conducted monitoring of the media coverage of the elections over 22 programming services, in the period from 1 until 9 December 2016.

The monitoring covered the following programming services: the channels of the Macedonian Radio and Television, i.e. Makedonska Radiotelevizija – Prv programski servis (MRA1), Makedonska Radiotelevizija – Tret programski servis (MRA3), Makedonska Radiotelevizija – Prv programski servis (MRT1), Makedonska Radiotelevizija – Vtor programski servis (MRT2); TV Alfa DOOEL Skopje; Nasha TV DOOEL Skopje; TV Kompani 21-M DOOEL Skopje; TV Alsat-M DOO Skopje; TV ART DOO Tetovo; TV Kanal  5 DOOEL Skopje; TV Nova DOOEL Skopje; TV Shenja DOOEL Skopje; TV Sitel DOOEL Skopje; TV Sonce DOOEL Prilep; TV Telma DOOEL Skopje; TV 24 Vesti DOOEL Shtip, Radio Slobodna Makedonija DOOEL Skopje, Radio Kanal 77 DOOEL Shtip, TV Kanal 5 Plus DOOEL Skopje, TV Sitel 3 DOOEL Skopje, Radio Ros Metropolis DOO Skopje and Radio Antena 5 DOO Skopje.

Monitoring was also conducted over the Parliamentary Channel of Makedonska Radiotelevizija, regarding Article 76-a, Paragraphs 5, 7 and 9 of the Electoral Code. The period covered by this monitoring was 21 November – 9 December 2016.

The written reports on the monitoring conducted are available at the following links:

Makedonska Radiotelevizija – Prv programski servis (MRT1) 

Makedonska Radiotelevizija – Prv programski servis (MRA1) 

Makedonska Radiotelevizija – Vtor programski servis (MRT2) 

Makedonska Radiotelevizija – Tret programski servis (MRA3)

Programming services of Makedonska Radiotelevizija – (MRT1, MRT 2 and MRA1)

Makedonska Radiotelevizija – Parliamentary Channel

TV Alsat-M DOO Skopje  

TV Sitel DOOEL Skopje 

TV Kanal 5 DOOEL Skopje 

TV Telma DOOEL Skopje

TV Alfa DOOEL Skopje 

TV 24 Vesti DOOEL Shtip  

TV Sonce DOOEL Prilep  

Nasha TV DOOEL Skopje

TV Nova DOOEL Skopje 

TV ART DOO Tetovo 

TV Shenja DOOEL Skopje 

TV Kompani 21-M DOOEL Skopje 

Radio Kanal 77 DOOEL Shtip 

Radio Slobodna Makedonija DOOEL Skopje 

TV Kanal 5 Plus DOOEL Skopje 

TV Sitel 3 DOOEL Skopje 

Radio Antena 5 DOO Skopje 

Radio Ros Metropolis DOO Skopje