Regular Programme and Administrative Supervision Conducted over MRT 2

Skopje, 12.09.2017 – The Agency for Audio and Audiovisual Media Services conducted regular programme and administrative supervision over the work of the Second Programming Service of Makedonska Radiotelevizija
(Macedonian Radio and Television) – MRT2, concerning several legal provisions. The administrative supervision referred to the obligations to publish an Impressum, information available to the users and the law on the broadcaster’s identification.

The conducted administrative supervision identified, in some of the programmes, failure to publish identification data about the authors of the contents, the author’s rights holders, the name of the media outlet the contents had been taken over from, etc., which the broadcaster is obligated to air at an appropriate place within each of the contents of its programming service.

The programming supervision, for its part, indicated that the trailers for the feature programme titled “Bisha e madhe” (Large Beast) were aired without being marked by the visual sign that denotes the category of the programme they announced, which is contrary to the obligation for protecting the juvenile audience. As regards the fulfillment of the quota for airing originally made programme in the Macedonian language or the languages of the non-majority communities in the RM, it was established that the legal minimum of 60 % had not been observed. It was also detected that, during the World Championship in Athletics in London, part of it was transmitted live without providing translation into Albanian or the other languages of the non-majority communities, in which the MRT2 airs its programme.

As regards the obligation to provide a music quota in the Macedonian language and the languages of the ethnic communities that do not constitute the majority in the RM, it was found that the same had been observed.

The relevant supervision reports are available at the links below:

Administrative supervision over MRT2 – Article 14 of the Law on Media; Article 51, Paragraph 1, and Article 97 of the Law on AAVMS

Programme supervision over MRT 2 – Article 50, Paragraph 3, Article 52, Articles 93 and 94 of the Law on AAVMS

Programme supervision over MRT 2 – Article 92, Paragraphs 4 and 6, of the Law on AAVMS 

Programme supervision over MRT 2 – Articles 64 and 90; Article 92, Paragraphs 2 and 14, of the Law on AAVMS 

Programme supervision over MRT 2 – Article 64, Paragraph 3, of the Law on AAVMS