Programme and Administrative Supervision over MRА1, МRA2 and MRA3

Skopje, 20 February 2019 – In accordance with the 2019 Annual Plans for Supervision, the Agency conducted regular programme and administrative supervision over the radio programming services of the Public Broadcaster, MRA1, MRA2 and MRA3. The programme supervision concerned the rules for airing audio and audiovisual commercial communications, the rules for providing quizzes, using value-added telephone services and televoting, as well as airing lottery games. No violation was detected with any of the three radio programming services.

The administrative supervision was about the obligations to publish Impressums, information that should be made available to the users, and the broadcaster’s identification symbol at least once per real hour. Only the MRA3 programme aired on 16 January 2019 failed to publish the Impressum data as part of the ending credits of the “News” information programme.

The relevant supervision reports are available at the links given below: