Session No. 10 – 25.02.2019


The Agency for Audio and Audiovisual Media Services schedules the 10th Session on 25.02.2019 (Monday), starting at 14:00 hrs.




  1. Adoption of the Draft Minutes of the 9th Session of the Agency Council, held on 21.02.2019.
  2. Draft decision on adopting the 2018 Annual Account Summary of the Agency for Audio and Audiovisual Media Services
  3. Draft decision on granting a state-level license for television broadcasting via a PECN, which does not use a limited resource.
  4. Proposal to authorize employees of the Agency’s professional service to perform expert supervision over the broadcasters.
  5. Proposal to send a written notice to Sonce TV due to violation of Article 61 of the LAAVMS (principles of performing the business activity), based on Report Ref. No. 10-1045/1 dated 20.02.2019
  6. Miscellaneous