Summary of the 55th session


SKOPJE 11.07.2013The Broadcasting Council (BC) at today’s session adopted the Draft – Revision of the National Programme for Adoption of the European legislation NPAA for 2014. In this document, BC activities for the following 2014 are identified, aimed at approximation to the European legislation as well as deadlines for implementation of these activities.

BC adopted the Rulebook on technical, spatial, financial and personnel requirements for obtaining a broadcasting license. The Rulebook defines the minimum technical, spatial, financial and personnel conditions which have to be fulfilled by the broadcasters for broadcasting on local, regional and national level.       

BC discussed the request from the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights of the Republic of Macedonia, for confirmation that the radio campaign “Macedonia has a love for all” is a campaign of public interest and decided to inform the Helsinki Committee that the Broadcasting Council has no legal basis to review content of radio or television programs and to make any suggestions or opinions regarding them, before they are being aired. Also, broadcasters are independent in creating their own editorial policy and decide on its own which content will be broadcasted.