Regular Programme and Administrative Supervision Conducted over Sitel TV, Kanal 5 TV, Telma TV, Alsat-M TV and Alfa TV


Skopje, 25 February 2019 – In line with the Annual Supervision Plans for 2019, a regular programme and administrative supervision was conducted over the national television stations of Sitel, Kanal 5, telma, Alsat-M and Alfa. The programme supervision covered the rules for airing audio and audiovisual commercial communications, the rules for providing quizzes, the use of value-added telephone services and televoting, as well as airing lottery games. A violation was detected in the case of Kanal 5 TV, with regard to the rules for airing audio and audiovisual commercial communications and split screen advertising.

The administrative supervision covered the obligations to air Impressums, information that should be made available to the users and the obligation to air the broadcaster’s identification sign. Telma TV and Kanal 5 TV were found in violation of the obligation to publish Impressums.

The respective supervision reports are available at the links given below: