Three Public Warnings Issued against Kanal 5 TV

Skopje, 18 March 2019 – Based on the reports of a regular programme supervision conducted over Kanal 5 TV, at its 13th session held on 14 March 2019, the Agency Council imposed three public warning measures against this broadcaster.

One of the public warnings is due to disregard for the language use rules in its programme, the second one – due to disregard for the advertising and teleshopping terms, and the third one  due to disrespect for the product placement rules in the broadcaster’s programme.

The respective public warnings are available at the following links:

ТV Kanal 5 (Article 64, Paragraph 1, of the LAAVMS) – 18.03.2019

ТV Kanal 5 (Article 98, Paragraph 2, of the LAAVMS) – 18.03.2019

ТV Kanal 5 (Article 55, Paragraph 7, of the LAAVMS) – 18.03.2019