Summary of the 6th session

SKOPJE, 03/27/2012 – on its today’s session the Broadcasting Council has given a deadline to all the broadcasters that until the 30th September 2012 the … […]

Summary of the 5th session

SKOPJE, 03/20/2012 – The Broadcasting Council on its today’s session has passed down a resolution by which the seize of validity of the license for … […]

Summary of the 4 th session

SKOPJE, 27.02.2012 –  On today’s session, BC noted that TV Sitel, TV AlsatM and Nasha TV have fulfilled the imposed sanction – written warning with … […]

Summary from the 2nd session

02/10/2012, SKOPJE – the Broadcasting Council held its second session on the 10th February, where the reports from the monitoring of the terrestrial televisions and … […]

Summary from the 1st session

SKOPJE, 01/12/2012 – on its first session, the Broadcasting Council adopted the Minutes from the 19th session of the Broadcasting Council of the Republic of … […]