Summary of the 35th Session

Skopje, 11.11.2015 – At today’s session, the Council of the Agency decided on adopting a conclusion that the Agency should file an initiative with the … […]

Summary of the 34th Session

Skopje, 06.11.2015 – Having received a notification about a change in the ownership structure, the Council of the Agency adopted a decision to permit the … […]

Summary of the 33rd Session

Skopje, 21.10.2015 – The Council of the Agency adopted two decisions permitting change in the ownership structure of TRD G-TV TELEVIZIJA DOOEL Gostivar and TRD … […]

Summary of the 32nd Session

Skopje, 16.10.2015 – The Council of the Agency issued permission to the Director to make a decision on enrolling the Agency for Audio and Audiovisual … […]

Summary of the 31st Session

Skopje, 8.10.2015 – The Agency adopted the Information on the analysis conducted into the case of writing off the debt that the Company for Manufacturing, … […]

Summary of the 30th Session

Skopje, 30.09.2015 – With the aim of starting public procurement procedures that are in line with the Agency’s 2015 Annual Public Procurement Plan, at today’s … […]

Summary of the 29th Session

Skopje, 18.09.2015 – At yesterday’s session, the Council of the Agency for Audio and Audiovisual Media Services adopted a Decision to assign a license for … […]

Summary of the 28th Session

Skopje, 11.09.2015 – At yesterday’s session, the Agency Council adopted a Programme for Promoting Media Literacy in the Republic of Macedonia, which is in line … […]

Summary of the 27th Session

Skopje, 02.09.2015 – At the 27th session, the Agency Council issued permission to adopt a Decision on selecting a company for the procurement of projection … […]

Summary of the 26th Session

Skopje, 26.08.2015 – At its 26th Session, the Agency Council initiated a procedure to withdraw the television broadcasting license from TRD Televizija IRIS DOO Stip, … […]