Electronic Media




12.03.2015 – Rulebook on sponsorship (download in pdf)

12.03.2015 – Rulebook on the Method of Keeping Daily Records and the Quality of the Recordings of Programmes Transmitted by the Broadcasters (download in pdf)

27.02.2015 – Rulebook on the New Advertising Techniques (download in pdf)

27.02.2015 – Rulebook on the Manner of Publishing Data about the Broadcasters’ Work (download in pdf)

04.12.2014 – Rulebook on Broadcasting European Audiovisual Works and Works by Independent Producers (download in pdf)

04.12.2014 – Rulebook on the Obligation to Broadcast Originally Created Programme, Music, Documentary and Feature Programmes (download in pdf)

21.12.2014 – Rulebook on the Minimum Technical, Spatial, Financial and Staffing Requirements for Obtaining Radio and Television Broadcasting Licenses (download in pdf)

12.12.2014 – Rulebook on Prize-Giving Programmes and the Use of Value-Added Telephone Services (download in pdf)

04.12.2014 – Rulebook for Leveling the tone of Audiovisual Content (download in pdf)

21.11.2014 – Rulebook on the Protection of Minors (download in pdf)

21.11.2014 – Rulebook on the Formats of Broadcasters’ Programme Services (download in .pdf)

21.11.2014 – Rulebook on the Areas of Broadcasting Television and Radio Programme Services (download in pdf)

19.11.2014 – Rulebook on the Form and Content of Ownership Structure Change Notifications (download in pdf)


29.03.2019 – Media Literacy Policy (download in pdf)

18.12.2020 – Policy on Providing Access to Audiovisual Media Services for Persons with Sensory Impairments


17.02.2015 – Plan for Assignment and Allocation of Digital Terrestrial Multiplex Transmission Capacities to Operators of Public Electronic Communication Network Obligated to Transmit the Broadcasters’ Programme Services (download in pdf).


12.03.2015 – Guidelines on the Right to Short Reporting on Events Where Exclusive Broadcasting Rights Have Been Acquired (download in pdf)

30.12.2014 – Guidance on Implementing Product Placement Rules (download in pdf)

27.12.2014 – Guidelines on the Method of Measuring Viewership and Listenership of the Programmes, i.e. Programme Services of the Broadcasters in the Republic of Macedonia (download in pdf)

19.11.2014 – Guidelines on the Method of Classifying the Types of Audio and Audiovisual Programmes (download in pdf)


12.03.2015 – Decision on Establishing a List of Events of major Importance for the Public in the Republic of Macedonia (download in pdf)


MONITORING GUIDELINES: For the media regulatory authority in North Macedonia on regulation and monitoring of the application of reporting standards in gender-based violence cases in the mediа

Guide for Monitoring “Hate speech”