Public Meeting 24 12 2021



 Skopje, 24 December 2021 – Today, the Agency for Audio and Audiovisual Media Services held its last public meeting for this year. Considering the current situation related to the Covid-19 pandemic, the meeting was held using the video conference tool. At the meeting, Agency Director Zoran Trajchevski presented a summary of the activities carried out as part of the Annual Work Programme in the past three months.

Those attending had an opportunity to hear about the activities related to the monitoring of the broadcasters’ coverage of the local elections, the supervisions conducted over the broadcasters, operators of public electronic communications networks, providers of on-demand AVMS and print media publishers, the pronounced public warning measures and the activities in the field of international cooperation.

Also presented at the meeting were the findings of the Study of the Capacities for Introducing Digitial Radio in the country, which had been prepared for the needs of the Agency by Target Komunikacii. The purpose of the Study was to analyze the existing infrastructure (receiver base, transmitters) for introducing digital radio, and to explore the possibilities offered by the DAB/DAB+ technology. Taking into account the results of the analyses of technical and commercial nature, the study proposes the introduction of DAB+ technology of dedicated multiplex, whereby the right to operate would be assigned to the “National Broadcasting” Public Enterprise. Additionally, in order to carry out a successful transition from FM to DAB radio broadcasting, it has been proposed to undertake activities that would help overcome the identified risks (a large number of FM radio receivers, economic return of the investment, appropriate promotion of new technology).

Also discussed at the meeting were the results of the Analysis of the Capacities and Needs for Introducing DVB-T2, also prepared by Target Komunikacii. The need for this Analysis had resulted from the Agency’s obligations and practice to oversee and give recommendations for the introduction of new technologies in the media sphere, i.e. the area of media content transmission. The Analysis contains a description of the current state of play regarding digital television broadcasting. It explores the possibilities offered by the DVB-T2 technology and gives recommendations and proposals for its introduction. Based on analyses of technical and commercial nature, it is proposed that the DVB-T2 technology be introduced in 2026. In the meantime, it is recommended to take actions that would help overcome certain risks (free capacity of the existing multiplexes, the large number of DVB-T receivers, the inability to simultaneously broadcast free channels in DVB-T and DVB-T2 due to the lack of additional frequencies), and to prepare a plan for introducing DVB-T2 technology.

The presentations are available at the following links:

Activities Carried Out in Line with the AAAVMS’ Annual Work Plan

Zoran Trajchevski, PhD, AAAVMS Director

Study on the Capacities for Introducing Digital Radio

Svetlana Petrovska, Target Komunikacii

Sasho Srbakov, Consultant

 Analysis of the Capacities and Needs for Introducing DVB-T2

Svetlana Petrovska, Target Komunikacii

Sasho Srbakov, Consultant

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