Media Literacy Network of RM has New Member

On 26 October 2017, the Media Literacy Network of the Republic of Macedonia admitted a new member – the Voluntarism Association, Skopje Volunteer Centre – which issues the “Voices” electronic youth magazine.

Currently, the Network has 36 members (public institutions and ministries, civic organizations, educational institutions and broadcasters), and is continuously open to new members. The interested parties should only adopt the Formation Act and submit a dully filled-in Admission Form to the Agency.

The Network was formed with the aim of facilitating communication and consultations among the various entities in the country that work on raising the level of media literacy among all citizens. It should contribute towards a more frequent cooperation among the relevant stakeholders, with the aim of achieving better and more sustainable results from the projects’ implementation.

The Network was envisaged by the Agency’ Programme for Promoting Media Literacy in the Republic of Macedonia (2016-2018). Its formation was initiated by the Agency, but it belongs to all and will be successful as much as we are all ready to use it.